The Easily Search Engine Submission Service is designed to save you time and money by automatically submitting your website to all major search engines.
Included as part of the service are four features which will ensure your website is represented in major search engines under your chosen keywords and phrases.


  Search Engine Submission 1 year £69.00 (excl VAT)

  • Your website submited to more than 400 search engines monthly
  • Monthly reports sent by email
  • Rank tracking and link popularity report via your control panel
  • Review of website and recommendation of keywords based on search popularity
  • Ability to edit your details at any time via online interface.

In order to make use of Easily Search Engine Submission, your domain name MUST be hosted with Easily. Search Engine Submission does NOT work for domains which use web forwarding to point to the website, or are hosted on our basic EasilyMe package.

1. Submission of your web site every month to the 400+ major global and regional search engines (Google, AOL, Wanadoo, Yahoo!, Altavista etc).
2. Submission report by email every month detailing what search engines you have been submitted to.
3. Rank tracking and link popularity report via your control panel.

Here is a partial list of the search engines & directories we submit your website to:

Major search engines and director
Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, Overture, Excite, Lycos, iWon, HotBot, DogPile, Ask Jeeves, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, InfoSpace, Netscape Search, Alltheweb, About, Alexa, Go, Looksmart, NBCi, Search King,, Espotting, EarthLink, ScrubTheWeb, Mamma, Teoma, Altavista

2nd level search engines and directories
WhatUSeek, WiseNut, ICQ, Euroseek, Go2net, Enhance, Gigablast, Vivisimo, ExactSeek, Nation, Wired, Surfwax, ixQuick, Infontware, Fazzle, infoGrid, ZapMeta, Finger, MetaEureka, Aeiwi, EntireWeb, Jayde,

General Search Engines
Turbo10, QueryServer, CurryGuide,, B Central, API Links, CanLinks, 2Kcity, Aesop, Allestra, Beamed, Coyotesearch, CozyCabin, Goto411, Hidden Street, IdoFind, Imarvel, Info Apex, Intel Search, Jblue, MixCat, NerdWorld, NetSearch, Newwebstuff, PrimeFind, Raging Banners Search, Search Ave, Search it, SurfGopher Directory, TureSEarch, Try America, Turnpike Emporium, Voyager, Web Trawler, 1CokeMKG Link Page, 1TennPuters Link Page, Aatrax, AdWebZone, classified2000, Cognigen Telecom, Emailpromoter, F10, Multilinks, Netrogenic, Submit One, Super P, The Rail Links, Traffic Wave, TrueMoney4u, 911Hits, FFA Farm, Link2U

UK Specific Search Engines
Yahoo UK, Google UK, MSN UK, Netscape UK, AOL UK, Mirago, Abacho UK, Wanadoo,, BBC, Doras, FindOnce, Excite UK, Foundya, HotBot UK, Official Site Register, Search UK, Spark Search, searchengine UK, Selu, UKDirectory

Plus many hundreds more!