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Easily gTLDs

The release of hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) means your website can be a dot whatever you like (almost!). This is the beginning of a new digital era. It gives your website the opportunity to have a domain name and email address that is more memorable, more meaningful and more relevant to your website. 

Website names like .plumbing, .venture, .bike, .guru these will all be coming up for grabs. At we can tell you everything you need to know and what to do about it to make sure you get the right name for your website.

What are new gTLDs?

Generic Top Level domains refers to the .com, .biz or .net part of your website address, otherwise known as domain extension. Up until February 2014 there were only a handful of gTLDs available. New gTLDs refer to the hundreds of new domain extensions that are about to become available, such as .plumbing, .guru, .clothing, .bike, .camera and .gallery - to name only a few. 

Why are these new gTLDs being launched now?

Getting the right domain for your website has become much harder as time has gone on. With over 120 million registered .com domain names and over 10 million domains, web name space is running out! The new domain extensions aim to provide closer matches to the needs of individuals, brands and organisations. You will have more choice to find something that fits what you do more closely. 

How can new domain extensions help me? 

With sector focused domain extensions such as .clothing, .menu, .florist or .plumbing you can now easily associate your website with your specific area of expertise. Innovative extensions such as .guru, .rocks and .ninja could really provide a talking point and help you stand out from the crowd. With domain name extensions like .london or .cymru you will also be able to appeal to audiences and visitors defined by location or language. Having a more focussed domain extension could give you better results with search engines and could increase the chances of people finding for your website. 

When can I register my new gTLD? 

The first wave of new domain extensions became available to the public on the 5th of February 2014 and more will become available every week. You will be able to buy your new domain name directly from the Easily website.

gTLDs currently available on Easily

.academy .construction .gratis .money .solutions
.agency .consulting .guide .net .supplies
.airforce .contractors .guru .ninja .support
.associates .cool .holdings .org .systems
.at .credit .holiday .tattoo
.attorney .creditcard .horse .partners .technology
.bid .cymru .house .photo .tel
.bike .dance .immo .photography .tips
.biz .democrat .info .photos .today
.black .diamonds .ink .pizza .tokyo
.boutique .digital .institute .place .tools
.buzz .direct .international .plumbing .top
.camera .directory .investments .productions .trade
.camp .discount .juegos .properties .training
.cards .education .kaufen .property .tv
.careers .email .kitchen .pub .uk
.catering .enterprises .land .recipes .ventures
.ceo .equipment .lease .red .villas
.cleaning .estate
.rentals .vision
.clothing .eu .lighting .repair .vodka
.club .events .limited .report .voting
.co .expert .limo .rest .voyage .farm .link .restaurant .wales .fishing .london .reviews .website
.coach .florist .management .rocks .whoswho
.coffee .foundation .marketing .rodeo .wiki
.com .gallery .me .services .works
.community .gent
.sexy .xxx
.company .gift .memorial .singles .xyz
.computer .graphics .mobi .social .zone