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Your location is an important part of your business, a catchy name is easy to remember for your customers.

A dot London domain name bolsters your
branding, builds trust and is now available.



Avoid the crowded dot COM with this short snappy suffix. Stand out from your competitors and grab the name you have always wanted.

Email Setup

From 9.99* per year

Personalise your email
address with your
domain name to create
a professional image.
All email packages
come with anti-virus
and anti-spam


     Website Creator

     From 9.99* per year

     Everything you need to get
     your a website online, our
     professionally designed
     templates means there is
     no need for a web
        designer. Integrated search
      engine tools will help
        visitors find your website.

eShop Creator

From 99* a per year

Everything you need to sell
online all in one place.
Secure order processing,
order tracking and
invoicing. Advanced
marketing features
to help grow your

Web Hosting

 From 24.99* per year

1-click install application
makes it quick and easy
to install Wordpress,
Linux Hosting is also
compatitable with Drupal
and Joomla. Enjoy
unlimited Bandwidth.

   Transfer in to Easily

  From 6.49* per year

  If you're looking to keep all
  of your domain names in one
  place or fed up of your
  current provider, simply transfer
  your domain names to
  Easily and enjoy everything
  we have to offer.


Customer Support


Our customer service staff
 are trained and based in-house,
 in our London office, we
 do not outsource such
 an important element of
 our service, and never will.
 Our team is knowledgeable
 and experienced.

Full customer support  |  Masked web forwarding  |  20 email forwardings  |  Full DNS Management

*All prices exclude VAT at 20%

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