For Only £7.99* Emphasise that you are a Safe, Local and Trusted shop Business

.shop the shorter, clearer domain that tells your story

You are somone local customers can rely on
You are proud to be a shop business
You offer prices in £ sterling
You care about your local community

*Offer is valid until January 31th 2017 and applicable for the first year registration only. Rights holders for .shop must renew to maintain their rights to their domain (Discount doesn't apply for Premium names)

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No technical skills, no problem
Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult. Our website creator takes out the hassle of building your online presence.

Recognised .shop domain name
Create your website with a .shop domain name. .shop is credible and well-recognised globally.

Personalised email addresses
Not communicating with a personalised, professional email address can be damaging to your business. So we’ve included two email accounts for you to use.

Ready-to-use design templates

Choose from over 100 design templates to suit your business. Each template can be customised for your brand.

Save money
Save the cost of hiring a web designer. Plus, market your offers online instead of printing flyers and catalogues.


Exceptional  shop customer support

Our superb customer support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. From pre and post-purchase, they will be happy to help.