Bold Beanies – May 2012 Website of the Month

Posted on: June 18, 2012
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Congratulations to Emilienne Rebel, owner of Bold Beanies for winning our May 2012 Website of the Month contest. We spoke to Emilienne to find out how an unforeseen event led her to set up an online business selling soft cotton beanie hats for hair May 2012 Website of the Month winner - Bold Beanies

Tell us how Bold Beanies came about

My youngest daughter, Lotte, was just 7 months old when I was diagnosed with grade 3 advanced Breast Cancer. At 31 and with no family history it came as a shock to everyone.

I lost my hair during chemotherapy and felt very cold, especially at night. I struggled to find suitable head-wear. Scarves would slip in bed and woollen hats too itchy and hot. I found my wig was incredibly uncomfortable and wore it on just two occasions, at the request of my oldest daughter, Olivia then aged 4, who really struggled with my hair loss.

I wanted to cover up for my family and to keep warm – I needed something soft and simple, yet stylish, to slip on around the house and wear in bed… the idea for Bold Beanies was born.

That’s very inspiring. How has having your own website helped your business?

Having a website and online shop allows me reach millions of potential customers around the world, all based from my office in North Wales – it’s incredible really.

What do you like about having your own website?

The website from a personal view is great too. I am a busy working mummy to two school age girls, so I thoroughly appreciate the freedom and flexibility this allows me. I can adapt my working hours to suit my daily schedule with them. Bold Beanies is a wonderful little product and I know it makes a small, but significant, difference to many people’s lives.

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